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How to Allow Remote Desktop Access on a Mac so That you can Operate Your Device from a Remote Location

Remote desktop access allows you or anyone on your local network to operate your Mac from a different device. If you work from home, there can be times when you need to enable remote desktop access on your Mac, whether it’s to share work between home and work computer or to allow an IT specialist to troubleshoot a problem on your computer without being in the same space.

How to enable remote desktop access on a Mac

  1. Select “Sharing” from the System Preferences menu.
Source: Business Insider

2. Check the box for “Remote Management“. You can be asked to choose which choices remote users are allowed to use. By clicking “Options“, you can manually adjust these.

Source: Business Insider

3. To control who has access to your device, choose “All Users“, which allows anyone on your computer’s account to remotely access the computer, or “Only these users“, which allows you to choose individual users within a network.

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4. To change more settings, go to “Computer Settings” and change what will be shown when someone else remotely accesses your computer or what other users must do to request remote access.

Source: Business Insider
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