How to Add Bank Account in PhonePe? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are struggling to add bank account with your PhonePe app. Then here is our step-by-step guide on how to add bank account in PhonePe.
how to remove bank account from phonepe

PhonePe is a UPI expenditure app inaugurated in India to give rise to digital earnings. Today we are going to discuss how to add bank account in PhonePe. You can compose a PhonePe account by filling your bank account statements and creating a UPI ID. But before you develop your bank account in PhonePe try to ensure that the SIM through which it is enrolled with your bank account is existing on the exact phone on which you have downloaded PhonePe App. There are three alternatives through which you can begin generating payments on PhonePe. 

  • Obtaining PhonePe wallet
  • Associated Bank account ove
  • UPI Debit / Credit Card

So what are you pausing for? Proceed with the provided points to know how to add bank account in PhonePe.

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How to add bank account in PhonePe

how to add a bank account on phonepe
  • Start by unlocking the menu by clicking on the icon at the top right intersection of the display screen.
  • Then browse  to the bank account category, and hit on the Add New Bank button.
  • After that choose the bank through which you prefer to link with from the mentioned available banks.
  • Then PhonePe will automatically retrieve your account details and will associate it to your account.
  • Now establish your UPI PIN by clicking on the set UPI PIN button.
  • Then fill your card details. ( Last six numerals of your Debit/ATM card number and Expiry Date)
  • Then Enter OTP sent to your mobile number and form your UPI PIN.
  • After this you receive a notification that your bank account has been amplified successfully, now you can transfer directly obtaining your UPI PIN.

PhonePe is a widely used 24/7 assistance that enables you to operate it from anywhere and on any day to transfer cash from your bank account to anyone without conveying any information.

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