How to Access Your Router’s Web Interface? Step-by-Step Guide

A In-Depth Guide on How To Access Your Router’s Web Interface.

To a normal user, a Wi-Fi router might seems like a very simple device whose sole purpose is to transmit and receive data to and from the internet to your wired and wireless devices. However, on the contrary each and every router also offers some additional features such as parental controls, ability to track connected devices and much more which can all be configured and access using the router’s web interface.

That said, we have come up with a step-by-step guide that explains how you too can access your router’s web interface to unlock all its hidden capabilities and push it to it’s limit.

Using Any Web Browser

Just so you don’t get any ideas, you can only access your router’s web interface only from devices connected to your network for obvious security reasons, which takes us the first method in which you will need to find your router’s gateway address to access its web interface.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings by opening the settings app on your PC.
  • Under the wifi stats look for something called as Wi-Fi Gateway which is followed by a series of number that might look like, and so on.
  • Once, you find the gateway address copy the number and paste it into your devices web browser and hit enter.
  • This will open your router’s utility web page that looks something like this:
Screenshot 20220510 191647
  • Now enter its username and password and if you’ve never accessed your router’s web interface then there’s a good chance that it will be the default username and password which would both be “admin”.
  • That’s pretty much it.

Using Third-Party Apps

The second and the most easiest method to find and access your router’s web interface is to use third-party Apps which can automatically scan your phone’s Wi-Fi settings to reveal the network’s Gateway address, allowing you to access your router’s web interface as shown below:

  • download a free third party app called ‘Router Setup Page’ from the Google Play Store.
Screenshot 20220510 1909102
  • Once downloaded open the app and that’s it, you’ve reached your router’s web interface.
Screenshot 20220510 191116

Additionally, you can find your router’s Gateway/IP as well as it’s default login credentials which can also be typed into you browser allowing you to uninstall the app if you want to do so.

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