How does Xiaomi air charge Technology work?

Xiaomi Air Charge Technology
Xiaomi Air Charge Technology


  • The Mi Air Charge technology can provide 5W of power and can simultaneously charge multiple devices.
  • The technology will charge the devices from the “self-developed isolated charging pile” at a distance of up to two meters
  • Xiaomi says that at the moment the Mi Air Charge is at the demo level
Mi Air Charge 2

Xiaomi ‘Remote Charging Technology’ has been revealed, called Mi Air Charge, and is said to charge multiple devices at the same time without attaching any cables or putting the unit on a wireless charging stand. If introduced as advertised, the latest Mi Air Charge technology would be groundbreaking, allowing devices to be charged remotely even as the user walks with the device around the room, without wires attached. This comes as the most recent addition to the charging technology portfolio of the firm and has been highly awaited for years. Smartphones would be the obvious starting point for Mi Air Charge implementation, but on Xiaomi’s radar are smartwatches and other wearables, and also speakers, desk lamps, and other miniature smart home devices.

Xiaomi states the Mi Air Charge is still in the demo stage at the moment but, the company hasn’t mentioned the commercial availability.

Mi Air Charge technology

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Xiaomi claims that the latest Mi Air Charge technology can remotely transmit 5W of power to any device, covering a distance of up to two meters from the’ self-developed isolated charging stack.’ According to Xiaomi, multiple devices can be charged simultaneously using this technology. A box that will use beamforming to remotely charge devices is the pile listed here. In addition, the charging performance will not be decreased by any obstacles that come in the way of the pile and the unit, meaning that the charging will proceed at a speed of 5W.

How does Xiaomi Mi Air Charge work?

Mi Air Charge technology

The stack of the Mi Air Charging technology has 5-phase interface antennas that accurately decide the cell phone’s location. The pile’s phase control array, composed of 144 antennas, will transmit millimeter-wide waves through beamforming directionally. In order to charge the battery wirelessly, the receiving unit, such as a smartphone, must have a miniaturized antenna array with a built-in “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”. The former tells the location of the smartphone stack, while the latter is a 14 antenna array that transforms the millimeter-wave signal through the rectifier circuit into electrical energy.

Since at the moment, Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology is only in the prototype stage, we can’t really comment on the implementation issues or whether it would have any health consequences when wirelessly charging smartphones. While it sure sounds game-changing on paper, during regulations and certifications, the firm can face heat.

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