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Honor EarBuds 2 SE: The Doppelganger of Huawei’s Freebuds 4i

According to Weibo blogger @看山’s_uncle, Honor Earbuds 2 SE’s true wireless headphone has exposed renderings and operating instructions. This substance is purely white and comes with a sleeve of silicone.

Honor EarBuds 2 SE True Wireless Headphones
Tweet from Weibo Blogger

In particular, the appearance of this headphone body is very similar to the previously launched Freebuds 4i by Huawei, except that the charging box appears differently. Both headphones are fitted with many openings on the microphone and silver contacts.

Honor EarBuds 2 SE True Wireless Headphones
Case Design Similar to Huawei

In February 2021 Huawei’s Freebuds 4i true wireless headset was published formally. This product has dual microphones, embraces active technologies to reduce noise, and can absorb people’s voices using a beam-forming system and windproof construction. This headset uses touch operation, the long press allows the translucent mode to turn easily without removing the headset to sense the surroundings.

Honor EarBuds 2 SE True Wireless Headphones
Rendors from ITHome

The Honor EarBuds 2 lasts up to 10 hours, and the charging box has a battery life of 22 hours. The earphone uses a 10mm moving coil unit, and the shape uses a 3D bionic ergonomic design to reduce the burden on the ears. The product is available in white, red, and black colors, and the price is 449 yuan (approx 5,000 INR).

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