Google’s Next Product Launch Event Set for October 5, No Signs of Pixel 6

Google Event

The Google Pixel 6 has been leaked so much, mainly by Google themselves, yet there’s no word around the device launch date. There is a Google event on October 5, but it is for Google Nest devices, Maps and more.

Mishaal Rahman, Chief Editor of XDA Developers, tweeted about an article from CNET which was deleted. The article speaks about the October 5th Google event and informs that this launch event is to introduce new Smart speakers, security devices, Google Maps, Google Flights, etc.

pixel 6

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The Pixel 6 is not launching on October 5, which is what the article makes clear. And as we are speculating the launch the be on October 19, this makes it quite obvious. To strengthen our speculations, we have another tweet from Rahman where he shares some code of the GCam and says, “A 10/19 launch followed by a 10/27 release seems plausible.” 

So we can expect the Pixel 6 lineup to launch on October 19 and the sales to begin from October 27. Everything about the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro has been leaked by now. We know major Specificationshigher charging speeds, and it’s also on display in an NYC store. You can even download the Pixel 6 wallpapers both in light and dark themes.

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Android 12 is expected to launch on October 4, and with Google’s event being on October 5, there is a high chance that Google will release the Android 12 Stable release on the same day.

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