Google’s Domain Was Up for Sale in Argentina Only for Rs.434

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Believe it or not, Google’s domain was on the market and it was purchased. Google is the most popular search engine, with a presence in almost every corner of the globe. The website being down in every part of the world is a rare occurrence. People in Argentina, on the other hand, were unable to use the search engine for several hours. It turns out that the domain name was bought by a random individual after he learned it was for sale. Here’s how it went down!

Nicolás Kuroa paid 540 Argentine Pesos (roughly Rs 434) for the Google domain. The user explained that, as strange as it might sound, he purchased the domain legally. According to MercoPress, the user reported that the domain had expired on April 21 and was available for purchase since then.

The search engine website was temporarily shut down for several hours as a result of just that. According to the publication, Google Argentina seems to have failed to renew the domain, and the user actually took advantage of the opportunity to register it for the remainder of his term. This is referred to as ‘Cybersquatting’ by those who are unfamiliar with the word. The word refers to the act of registering, selling, or using a domain name in order to benefit from the goodwill of another’s trademark. It was Google in this situation.

Nicolás Kuroa responded on Twitter, clarifying that he had done nothing wrong. He said that he went to and saw that the domain name was available and that he legally purchased it for the specified price. According to the study, the search engine conglomerate was able to reclaim the domain, and the search engine portal is now operational in the region. The Google domain had not expired, according to the Open Data Córdoba community, and the expiration date was in July. This incident has elicited no response from Google or the registry.

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