Google Will Now Help You Tune Your Guitar With This Nifty Feature

Google Tuner

Google has been known to provide many features built right into its search engine, such as a calculator, translator, currency converter, and so on. Google has been constantly adding new feature to its existing set of tools.

This time around Google has added a guitar tuner called Google Tuner to its search engine, allowing you to tune your guitar right from your web browser on any device.

To access Google’s new guitar tuner, all you have to do is open Google Search and search for ‘Google tuner‘. After opening the search results, all you are required to do is press the mic icon to start the tuning process.

However, you will have to provide microphone access to the browser; by tapping allow on the on-screen prompt or tapping the lock icon, then permissions and check if your microphone toggle is set to forward on; for this feature to work as intended.

Once you have given the web browser access to your microphone, you can simply strum a string on your guitar which will be picked up by the tuner, showing you on-screen prompts to indicate weather; you should tune up or down, as you can see below:

The only limitation being that this feature’s functions are limited by the quality of the microphone that you have on your device, so you may get varying results on different devices.

However, this is not an entirely new feature, as there are countless apps that do exactly the same thing way before ‘Google Tuner’ did it. But, I guess this feature will lead to one less app to worry about on your smartphone.

What do you think about ‘Google Tuner‘? Would you trust this new feature to tune you guitar? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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