Google Unveils The “Pixel 6”, A New Smartphone With Its Own Chip “Tensor”

Google Unveils The Pixel 6 A New Smartphone With Its Own Chip Tensor
The new Google Tensor processor will enable the next generation of pixels.

Google introduced the “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 Pro” on August 2, the latest models in the “Pixel” series of smartphones. Currently, the fall of 2021 is expected for its introduction.

Google Unveils The Pixel 6 A New Smartphone With Its Own Chip Tensor
Hey Google! What’s new with the upcoming Pixel 6 series?

The Pixel 6/6 Pro’s design is notably different from the “Pixel 4” and “Pixel 5”, and it contains a camera unit organised in a stripe shape. For the 6 frames, matte metal is offered, while the 6 Pro comes in a softly polished aluminium finish.

Pixel 6
In the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the camera unit is positioned somewhat differently.

Although specifications have not been revealed, it has been announced that it would be packed with Google’s own SoC “Google Tensor” for Pixel. It improves different functionalities like camera and voice recognition by providing superior machine learning capability. It also has a new security core and “Titan M2” built-in for maximum security.

Pixel 6
It is packed with a new chip that was originally installed for Pixel.

The Pixel’s camera, which is also a key feature, has been updated. The 6 is a twin-lens design with a super wide-angle camera and a wide-angle camera, and the 6 Pro adds a telephoto camera. It will be the Pixel series’ first three-lens arrangement. The pixel count and focal length are unknown, although it appears to feature a better sensor and lens.

Pixel 6
New camera design that sticks out as being different from the predecessor’s design

The operating system is powered by Android 12. It has brought a new design language called “Material You,” which combines colour science with interaction design, and it will be able to utilize improved animation and design frameworks.

Pixel 6
Google has revealed what appears to be a new home-screen widget, Material You style.

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