Google Now Allows Users to Add Profiles to Make Google TV More Personalized

Google TV
Credit: Google

Google TV has been around for a year, and finally, it is getting an update where you can add multiple profiles to one TV used by everyone in the family.

One of the features Google TV is supposed to offer is personalized recommendations. However, as only one profile was available earlier, it became difficult to recommend content that everyone who used the same TV would like. A few months ago, Google tried to resolve this by adding Kids profile. That remotely didn’t come close to solving the issue, and so finally, we got Multiple Google account on Google TV for better-tailored recommendations.

So, what’s new in Google TV now? 

For starters, as mentioned earlier, Personalized Recommendations, Creating your Watchlist, and finally Recommendations from Google Assitant. 

Google TV Personalized Recommendations
Credit: Google

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Since you will add multiple profiles for multiple people, every recommendation will be based on the account activity. Someone recommends you a movie/series to watch, and you can create your watchlist and save it to watch later. And since it is your account, all the recommendations from Google Assitant will be based on your activity. Since it is your account, you can also get answers to other questions about your daily activities.

Setting up profiles is not going to be a hassle, in Google’s words,

“And setting up a new profile is easy. Your downloaded apps and app login details will be used across profiles, so you won’t have to start from scratch each time you set up a new profile.”

We think this was a much-needed addition to Google TV, and it’s finally here. Do share your thoughts on what you think about this update, and do you like Google TV? let us know in the comments below, and until then stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates until then.

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