Google Sheets Introduces Intelligent Corrections To Detect Errors And Suggestion Correct Formulas

Google has added a new Intelligent Corrections feature to Google Sheets, read along to know more about it.
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Google Sheets one of the most popular and widely used workspace tools by google is getting a new feature. With the help of this new feature, users will be able to write formulas in a better way. The new feature is called the ‘Intelligent Corrections’. This feature will detect all the mistakes in users’ formulas and it will also suggest a fix for them. So let’s know about this new feature of Google Sheets.

Google said that they launched the formula suggestions feature in Google Sheets last year. The feature recommends to users for specific cells which is based on the data analyzed by users.

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Google Sheets Intelligent Corrections feature will spot problems and recommend better formulas

google sheets new intelligent corrections feature

With the Intelligent Corrections feature, whenever users will insert a wrong formula it will detect it and will replace it with the correct suggestions. It will work just like the spell or grammar correction feature. Although users will have an option to reject the suggestion given by the new feature. In a blog, post-Google gave a couple of examples of where this new feature can fix the formula which also includes the VLOOKUP error. Apart from that it also includes missing cells in range input and locking ranges when formulas are applied throughout cells.

Google also showed how users can get the help of this Intelligent Corrections feature. With the help of a small GIF file on Google’s blog users can understand how to use this new feature at the time of writing VLOOKUP functions. Where the new Intelligent Corrections feature will suggest a combination of INDEC and MATCH functions in order to reverse the column order in the formula. Apart from that users can use this new feature with any other formulas.

The new Intelligent Corrections on Google sheet will be enabled by default, if you don’t want it to bother you then you can always disable it by going to Tools > Enable formula corrections, or from the suggestion dialogue box’s three-dot menu. Google started rolling out the Intelligent Corrections feature on 14th April 2022, and it will be available to every user in 15 days.

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