Google’s New Private Computer Services App Has Surfaced on The Google Play Store

Google's New Private Computer Services App
Google’s New Private Computer Services App

Google has been taking user privacy seriously and has been making strides to protect the users’ data by developing Google’s new private Compute service, one of the new privacy features that will be shipping with Android 12.

Initially, Google had revealed that this service would be used for Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply, but still, many details on how it worked had not been shared after being announced last month.

However, now the Private Compute Services app has surfaced on the Google Play Store, providing us with insight into its inner workings.

With the help of Private Compute Core, Android isolates ML-enabled sensitive data from the rest of the OS and other apps you may have installed on your device. Thanks to this approach, features inside Private Computer Core do not have direct access to the Internet.

In simple words, the Private Compute Core provides a secure partition within the operating system that stores and processes machine learning data.

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It is said that this feature work by running a stripped-down version of Android in a VM in the background, thanks to ArsTechnica’s Ron Amadeo, who has shared a diagram from Google on Twitter, explaining what the Private Compute Core appears to be.

Like many other Google’s services, Google says it will make the service open-source as an API allowing the code for Private Computer Services to be audited by independent security researchers. This will help us broaden our understanding of the feature even more. However, there’s no timeline on when the code will be publicly released.

Do you think that this is enough to protect your privacy these days? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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