Google Pixel Watch: 3 New Models Receive Bluetooth Certification

Google Pixel Watch got Bluetooth SIG certification. It might come in 3 variants. And it will run on WearOS.
google pixel watch

Recently the Bluetooth special interest group SIG has approved 3 new models of the Google Pixel Watch. It brings us one step closer to the release of the Google Pixel Watch. Apart from that now we know how the upcoming Google Pixel Watch will look thanks to a Redditor who shared photographs of the device in its eternity. We are able to see some glimpse of the upcoming Google Pixel Watch as some of the live shorts of the undisclosed smartwatch prototype got leaked online. We can see that it might come with a circular display with rounded edges.

google pixel watch
Photo Credit: Alvin

The Bluetooth SIG has certified 3 new models for Google LLC named “GWT9R”, “GBZ4S”, and “GQF4C”. These models are entitled as “BT Wearable Design-Controller Subsystem”. Many Tech experts are believing that this certification is for the upcoming Google Pixel Watch. It also indicates that Google might launch its upcoming Pixel Watch in 3 different variants.

However, we don’t know how these models will be different from each other. As there might be differences in size, regional availability, or connectivity features. If the watch adheres to the patterns established by Google’s Pixel phones then the differences in cellular bands are more likely.

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google pixel watch leaked photo
Photo Credit: Alvin

As the Bluetooth SIG certification is done we can expect the FCC certification any time soon. And there is a strong chance that the FCC certification of the Google Pixel Watch might give some more information about the upcoming smartwatch from Google. Apart from that the Google I/O event 2022 will begin on 11th may 2022, there is a strong chance that Google might give some hint from about it’s Pixel Watch during this event.

It will be interesting to see what Google is going to offer with its first smartwatch. But for that, we will have to wait until we get more information regarding the upcoming Google Pixel Watch. Till then express your thoughts about the Pixel smartwatch in the comments below.

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