Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) Is Now Available for Pre-Orders

Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

Google has now launched the second generation of the Pixel Stand. It is now available for preorder and comes with a 30w USB-C power adapter (PD 3.0 w/PPS), 1.5m USB C-to-C cable, and the Pixel Stand (2nd gen), all for USD 79.

You might be aware that the Google Pixel 6 lineup does not come with a power adaptor in the box. The 30W power adapter will set you back USD 25. But, if you wanted to give wireless charging a try, this seems like a good time with the purchase of a new Pixel device.

A person touches the Google Pixel's display as it sits upright and charges on a desk.
Credit: Google

The Google Pixel Stand is made with 39% recycled material (TPU and Polycarbonate), which is good for the environment and goes well with companies saving environment narrative. The Pixel Stand Supports charging speeds up to 23W for Pixel devices and supports up to 15W (EPP) for Qi-Certified devices.

Google Pixel buds that support wireless charging can also be charged using the Pixel Stand. And as you can set your device vertically on the stand and use it simultaneously, it also has built-in silent fans to keep the device cool.

If you are into the whole ecosystem of Google’s devices and services, this is an excellent addition as Google says, “Turn your Pixel into the center of your helpful home. Keep an eye on your Nest Cams, adjust the temperature, dim lights, and more.”

The Google Pixel sits upright on the plugged-in charger.
Credit: Google

Google just explained yesterday how charging on the Pixel 6 lineup works and confirmed speculations that the power draw for Pixel 6 is capped at 21W, while the Pixel 6 Pro can draw up to 23W. Google aims to strike a balance between battery life, longevity, and fast charging.

While you can preorder the Pixel Stand right not from the Google store, the deliveries will begin in mid-December, so it’s your call, preorder it right now or wait for Black Friday sales.

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