Google Pixel Pass: An Android Counterpart to Apple One?

Pixel 6 Pro
Google could introduce Pixel Pass with Pixel 6 devices.

The Google Pixel 6 lineup has been on the headline for quite a while now, as a number of leaks suggest features of the device and a rumor about Google could introduce Pixel Pass with Pixel 6 devices.

The information was brought to light by M. Brandon Lee, who has played a significant role in leaking information about the Pixel 6 lineup in several instances. He was the one to share image and video samplespricing, and more about the handset. This time in a tweet, he shared the official names, the speculated pricing, and the details about the new Pixel Pass.

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Google Pixel 6 series

The Pixel 6 will be available in 3 color options, and the official color –

1) Kinda Coral

2) Sorta Seafoam

3) Stormy Black

The Pixel 6 Pro will be available in 3 color options, and the official color –

1) Sorta Sunny

2) Cloudy White

3) Stormy Black.

However, the max storage available on the Pixel 6 lineup will be limited to 512 GB.

What Does The Google Pixel Pass Offer?

Pixel Pass 1
Credit: M. Brandon Lee

Coming to the Pixel Pass subscription, it seems like an Apple One alternative for Android users. As the leaked image clearly states that it is a monthly subscription. The company defines it as,

“It is a mobile-focused subscription bundle from Google, composed of a: 

  • Pixel phone with the promise of regular upgrades 
  • Key first-party services (Google One, Play Pass, YouTube Premium & network coverage from Google Fi) 
  • An extended device warranty via Preferred Care or Device Protection.”

This information points out the obvious; Google is bundling in services that you might have bought separately or might not have bought independently. If the Pixel Pass is beneficial for you or not comes down to your use case scenario of Google Apps and subscriptions.

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Price of the Google Pixel Pass

The pricing of the Google Pixel Pass is still a mystery, but from the looks of it, Pixel Pass will supposedly be bundled in with the cost of monthly carrier payments. For users already subscribed to these services, if the pricing of the overall bundle is lower than what they are paying monthly, it will be icing on the cake. It also offers an extended warranty as a cherry on top.

The availably, however, of the Pixel Pass seems to be limited to the US.

The Google Pixel 6 lineup official launch is just a week away, and with all the leaks, we already know most of the things about the device. Nonetheless, The real-life usage of the “Tensor” SoC will be something we will be looking forward to.

Do share your thoughts on the Pixel Pass and what you think about it being an Apple One competitor. Also, how excited are you for the Pixel 6 lineup launch? Do let us in the comments. Stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates until then.

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