Google Pixel 6 Will Offer Higher Charging Speeds Than Its Predecessors

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The Google Pixel 6 will allegedly feature faster charging speeds than its predecessors according to a leak. We have seen phones with faster and faster charging speeds with devices such as Xiaomi 11T that support very fast charging speeds up to 120W that can fill it from 0 to 100% in just 17 minutes, which means a 10-minute charge will get you to 72%.

However, companies like Apple, Samsung & Google have refused to provide faster charging speeds allegedly to help with the long-term battery life of the devices. With Apple’s newest iPhone 13 still stuck at a charging speed of 22W, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G at 25W, with Google having the slowest charging speed of all at 18W.

Fortunately, a leaker by the name Yogesh Brar said that the upcoming Pixel 6 series will be supporting 33W fast charging, but we didn’t have any confirmed evidence about it until now.

XDA Developers have claimed that they have confirmed these claims through their undisclosed source with some substantial evidence.

You see, whenever a new phone is released in any country, they have to go through a certification process differing from country to country like in the USA this is regulated by the FCC, and in Taiwan, this is regulated by the NCC.

XDA’s undisclosed source was able to get his hands on a Pixel 6 and found out that the certification by Taiwan’s NCC shows that that device supports input of about 11 volts & 3 amps (11×3) which equals to 33 Watts, thus confirming the previous leaks made by Yogesh Brar.

NCC Regulatory Information

As of now, there’s no confirmation about whether the phone will have faster wireless charging than its predecessor or not. We will have to wait until Google finally announces this at the Pixel 6 release event.

Do you think Google should have gone for higher charging speeds or is 33W enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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