Google Teases the Pixel 6 Again

Pixel 6 teased again

Google Pixel 6 lineup has been teased by the company several times, and there seems to be no stop to it. The Google Pixel 6 has been teased yet again in a YouTube video on the “Google Japan” channel.

The video displays all the new design software design changes that come with Android 12. It looks like an advertisement for the Pixel 6 lineup and the upcoming Android 12 launch with “Material You” design changes. Android 12 is excellent for widget customisation, overall theme changes, and so much more. The official build of Android 12 is expected to go live on 4th October, just a couple of days from today.

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Except for Apple, every company like OnePlus, Samsung tease their upcoming devices. Google didn’t follow this like other brands, but this time around, it directly unveiled its device more than a month before launch in the first week of August.

Here we are in the first week of October, and still, there is no official confirmation from Google about the Pixel 6 series launch event. The custom “Tensor” SoC is what has got us all excited. And the Prices of the Pixel 6 series have been leaked, too, and if they are for the listed leaked prices, it will be a sweet deal.

Google Pixel 6

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Google has already leaked a lot about the Pixel 6 lineup. We know significant specificationshigher charging speeds, and it’s also on display in an NYC store. You can even download the Pixel 6 wallpapers both in light and dark themes.

We are now just waiting for Google to announce the launch date of the Pixel 6 lineup and reveal all the new features that come with the Pixel 6. What are your thoughts on the Pixel 6 series? Let us know in the comments below, and until then, stay tuned to Oyprice, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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