Google May Have a Second Foldable Launch Soon

Google Foldable
Google Foldable

Tech giant Google may be testing a brand new foldable Pixel device that could hit the market very soon. According to a report from 9TO5Google, a brand new Foldable Pixel codenamed “Jumbojack” could be on the way alongside the brand’s first foldable codenamed “Passport”.

The original Pixel leaks were uncovered back at the start of 2020 and the device was expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021 although we are yet to see that launch. Ever since then though, a lot more details have been leaked showing some more information about this device that has also appeared in Android 12 builds now.

“Android 12.1” includes details about a second Pixel foldable. This second device goes by the codename “Jumbojack.” Jumbojack is expected to be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold with two displays, one of which is on the outside and can be used only when folded and the other on the inside which disables when the phone is folded.

As for the software, we should see details like Samsung introduced for its fold devices on the Google fold too. However, we’ve not yet seen any signs of Jumbojack appearing in the usual Pixel apps yet. We do not have any more information about these upcoming devices like the processor or the display.

It is still unclear why there are two foldables in Google’s lineup although this could hint towards something similar to Samsung. These phones may come out anytime now as the leak suggested “Q4 2021”. The phones could also feature Google’s Tensor AI chipset which is coming on the upcoming flagship Pixel 6 series.

It will be very interesting to see what Google comes up with. There will finally be mainstream competition in the foldable market and we look forward to the software changes Google makes for these foldables!

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