R.I.P YouTube Vanced; Google Takes Legal Action Against Free YouTube Premium Alternative

You will still be able to use it for atleast 2 years if you already have it installed on you device.

YouTube Premium, YouTube’s paid service which offers user the ability to block ads and have access to YouTube Originals has been available form a long time now. However, the Modding community was quick enough to come up with a free alternative to YouTube’s paid service in the form of YouTube Vanced which gained a large number of users will now to shutting down for obvious reasons.

A Tweet by its creators which was posted on Sunday revealed that YouTube Vanced will be shutting down in the coming days, with download links set to be removed. While the app will still continue to work for anyone who currently has it installed on their Android device, but it won’t receive any new features and is likely to stop working at some point in time in the future.

While the statement didn’t offer an explanation about its closure, the good folks at The Verge were able to contact an admin from the Vanced team. It was discovered that Vanced received a cease and desist letter from Google, which explicitly forces its developers to stop distributing and developing the app while also removing all references to ‘YouTube’, including its logo, as well as links linking to YouTube products.

Although a legal action against the App was long foreseen, it offered everything that was offered by YouTube Premium along with a load of other useful features. Some of the best ones being support for ultra dark mode that looks great on AMOLED displays, support for dislikes after YouTube discontinued it, auto skip for sponsored segments of a video, background playback and so on.

But just to let you know, Vanced is not the only casualty in Google’s crackdown spree. Google also forced two popular Discord music bots to go offline last year, just before it started to test its YouTube Discord integration. The main reason behind this crackdown being that it pulled audio from YouTube Music and allowed its user to listen to ad-free music, something which is against YouTube’s current usage policy.

Whatever it is YouTube Vanced will be missed as it was able to create something that offered even more features than YouTube’s original app without changing its users a penny which was only possible due to the GNU General Public Licence that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

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