Google is Finally Rolling Out its New Material You Inspired Design For Its Apps

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Android 12 has been touted to be the most popular version of Android ever made, with the most major redesign.

Android 12 will ship with the new Material You design, that will allow users to make major customisations to the operating systems looks, including custom accent colours. These are applied throughout the system including the app icons, widgets, notification centre, as well as lock screen.

Google has already rolled out its new redesigned interface for Google clock but now they are going all-in with new redesigned updates for Google Drive, G- Mail, Clock, Google Chrome and so on.

Google Drive
Google Calendar Material You 1024x768 1
Google Calendar
Gmail Material You 1024x764 1
Google Meet Material You 1024x733 1
Google Meet
Google Slides Docs Sheets Material You 1024x759 1
Slides, Docs & Sheets

Google is also working on many more apps such as Google Maps, Gboard, and Messages that are available as a beta update at the moment.

From some time Google had been working behind the scenes for its apps. However, Google is finally rolling out its new redesigned interface for its existing lineup of apps.

This comes after many speculated that Android 12 will be officially launched on October 4. And this seems true with Google finally releasing its redesigned apps to the masses.

We can’t wait to see what Google Is doing with its new Material You theme. Until then we will have to keep patience until the final update rolls out along with Android 12.

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