Google’s New Digital Wellbeing Widget Lets You Track Your Screen Time Right From The Home Screen

You Can Now Track Your Screen Time Without Manually Looking For it in The Settings App.
Digital Wellbeing Widget

Google has been known to be working on some really great widgets along with the release of Android 12 including new and improved widgets for Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and so on. However, Google has now introduced a new Digital Wellbeing Widget that allows you to track your screen time right from your home screen.

As you can see in the GIF below the new Digital Wellbeing widget shows the time you spent on top three apps and will be available in both 1×2 and 2×2 configuration. Meanwhile, It’s also worth noting that the new widget come with support for Android 12’s Material You theme along with dedicated dark and light themes.

screen on time widget

Additionally, tapping on the widget directly takes you to the digital wellbeing app where you can access more options that allows you to control your doomscrolling habits with app specific timers, as well as a dedicated focus and bedtime modes.

This is a really great addition to Google’s already vast library of widgets as it will allow you to see how long you’ve been using your phone on a given day at a glance, which is much better than having to go into the settings app and look manually.

Furthermore, apart from the new pretty useful Digital Wellbeing widget we’re excited to see what Google’s next useful widget might be.

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