Google Illustrations Introduces Customizable Profile Pictures To Protect Your Privacy

Google Illustrations

Google announced on Monday that it would let you set safe, creative and personalized profile pictures through Google Illustrations on Android devices. Not everyone wants to use their picture as a profile picture on the internet.

A single image on the internet represents your identity across various platforms. People like to keep their profile pictures as themselves if they are comfortable sharing their identity, or people often use images of pets, interests, internet personalities, etc. In the end, it draws down to their personal preference.

Google illustrations you can select from: historical places, animals, food or hobbies.
Credit: Google

Google Illustrations gives you a variety of options to choose from, to set a profile picture. It ranges from historical places, animals, food and hobbies. As the images are so versatile, inclusivity is maintained so that no one feels left out when choosing a profile picture. There is something that you might associate yourself with. You have the option to adjust colours, choose a background, or pick one aspect from each image and create a unique idea that truly reflects you.

Changing colors of image elements.
Credit: Google

So how do you go around and set a custom profile picture with the help of Google Illustrations?

“You can see the new Google illustrations when you set your profile picture in Google Workspace and Contacts on Android. Access them easily via the Profile picture in the top right corner of the app. Browse the collection or search for a specific image to find options.”

Access illustrations from the disk in top right corner of the app.
Credit: Google

Once you have created and saved your profile picture, it will be visible to your contacts throughout the lineup of Google Products. Now, Google is working on getting Google Illustrations to iOS and also Web Browsers.

What are your thoughts on Google Illustrations, and will you be using them? Let us know in the comments below, and until then, stay tuned to Oyprice, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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