Google Fact Checker Explorer lets you spot fake news online

Google fact checker explorer
Google fact checker explorer

We live in a manipulative world. Of course! None can depend on online news to be authentic every time. What is the solution to differentiate between fake news and genuine one? Well, Google now lets you figure out the misinformation online. The platform has come up with a few tricks that let you or any fact-checker catch hold of the fake. Far ahead of the International Fact-Checking day on April 2, the company announced its commitment to support all its users seeking relevant information on the internet. People also share the pieces with other organizations. Users intend to search through the web looking for evidence in order to confirm or refute a particular thing they are uncertain about.

Google says in one of its support pages that if the fact check of a publisher stands on the requirements, it automatically shows the fact check which determines the algorithm. 

Follow the following tips to determine the fake news on the online platform: 

Look at the news coverage 

Look at other news outlets. See whether they have reported on the same event, giving you the full picture. Select the news section in a Google Search or simply run a topic search in Click through the full coverage to read the entire story. 


Check the similar image appearing on other channels 

Search the image on other channels by right-clicking on it and selecting “Search Google for Image.” This option will take you to a page carrying similar images. This way, you can see whether the image appeared online before. You can easily relate to the context and compare if it had been manipulated from the original meaning or not. Mobile users can avail of this by touching and holding the image for a few seconds. 

Use Google images 

Interestingly, you can track the image to the location as well with the help of Google Maps. Try checking Google Earth or Street View through Google Maps. It can help you see the region where it is available. 

Consult a fact-checker 

Search the topic in the Google Fact Checker Explorer. As it has a collection of more than 100,000 fact checks from reputable publishers across the globe. 

Another to was released by Google suggesting that if you can dig deeper into the information by simply clicking the three dots. You can operate the three dots on any website or article. However, this recent feature is only available in the US. 

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