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Google Chrome Browser to Support Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability Protection

Google revealed it will use Microsoft Win10 hardware to avoid the intrusion of security bugs by the Chrome browser.

Technology affects privacy not only through changes in information functionality but also through the modification of codes of privacy.

In order to prevent getting attacked by the security vulnerabilities, Google has announced that they will use Microsoft Win 10 hardware mandatory stack protection mechanism.

So what is Stack Protection Mechanism?

Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection maintains consistency on memory stack return addresses. CET uses a CPU memory management device shade. shadow stack (MMU). The shadow stack holds only the return address, and the usual program code cannot reach it.

Stack Protection Mechanism
Stack Protection Mechanism

In short, this feature allows applications to use the local CPU hardware to protect their code while running inside the CPU’s memory.

How to enable Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability protection?

Step 1: Open Task Manager
Step 2: Open the “Details” tab
Step 3: Right-click the column header
Step 4: Click “Select Column”
Step 5: Select “Hardware Forced Stack Protection”

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