Get Better at Gaming: Select The Right Mouse Size

Gaming Mouse Size

Before we begin, let me clarify that no peripheral will make you better at gaming without you making a constant effort to practice and learn. However, gaming peripherals usually have the edge over other office-oriented peripherals. We already have articles on best gaming mouse under Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000. Today, let us focus on various gaming mice sizes and which size suits you the best.

Selecting the right size will help you aim better and keep you away from problems like Carpal Tunnel, etc. If the mouse fits in your palm without causing you any trouble or pain, that’s the best mouse for you. You also need to decide if you like a heavy mouse or a lighter mouse. This usually comes down to the games you play. The consensus is that a more lightweight mouse will be beneficial if you play more FPS games. However, there are no hard and fast rules to this, and usually, most of the gaming mice out there today are not very heavy, and you can get super light mice as well.

Hand Size = Gaming Mouse Size

All you need to do is measure the size of your hands. Take a ruler, lay your hand on it, palm facing upwards. Measure from your wrist crease up to your middle finger. The measurement will decide the mouse size you should get. Follow the table below to know what size will suit you the best.

Hand Size Mouse Size
Under 17 cmSmall
17-19 cm Medium
19-21 cmLarge
21 cm and aboveExtra Large

While there might not be an extra-large category of gaming mice available, the options available in the large variety surely will suffice. Now, according to your budget and needs, select the mouse that suits the best to your needs. Here are links to our articles on best gaming mice under Rs 1,000 and under Rs 2,000.

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