Geekbench Reportedly Delisted Four Samsung Flagships On Grounds of Benchmark Manipulation


Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 Series of smartphones were all the buzz when they were first released. However, it looks like this buzz might be fizzling out first with the Exynos 2200 GPU issues now with the GOS (Game Optimization Service) debacle which throttled thousands of apps to maintain performance and improve battery life.

Samsung’s troubles don’t stop here as a tweet by @Geekbench revealed that the it will be permanently delisting Samsung’s entire Galaxy S22, S21, S20, and S10 lineup of devices from Geekbench browser on grounds of benchmark manipulation due to the GOS issue.

Geekbench further explains that Samsung’s GOS (Game Optimizing Service) deliberately throttled the phones perfomance on a app by app basis whereas, many major benchmarking apps, including Geekbench, are not throttled by this service which is basically benchmark manipulation.

Furthermore, none of the phones that were removed today will be relisted on the site even of  Samsung has promised to issue a patch that will fix this issues. The reason being Geekbench’s current policy that doesn’t allow relisting of manipulated device once they were delisted in the past even if the manufacturer patches the issues.

Whatsoever, its still unknown when Samsung plans to issue its supposed patch and all we can do for now is to hope that this issue in not on the hardware level and can be fixed via an software patch.

Additionally, just so you know Geekbench is not biased to Samsung in any sense and has taken a similar moves in the past wherein OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro were delisted form Geekbench browser over similar throttling issues.

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What do you think about Samsung deliberately Throttling the performance its flagship devices? Let us know in the comments section below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the tech industry.

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