Garmin includes a compendious pregnancy tracking feature to smartwatches


Numerous physical changes are seen with the arrival of pregnancy which is often tracked as well. Considering that, Garmin has announced an all-new Connect feature in their smartwatch which is pregnancy tracking. It is an excellent feature for all the mothers out there who wish to track every bits and piece of the blissful moment.

The smartwatch allows expectant mothers to keep a record of their heart rates, blood glucose levels, water intake, and even fetal motion. It also embraces a feature to ‘pause the training status’ to avoid any sort of health issues that may occur in the future. The tracking helps the mothers to observe their physique changes throughout the pregnancy based on weeks and months.

The advantage of melding pregnancy tracking into a smartwatch is that the expectant does not need any other mediator to track definite health metrics which makes this a prominent feature.

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