Games similar to Freedom Fighter

Games similar to Freedom Fighter
Games similar to Freedom Fighter

Freedom fighters was one of the most fun playing games back in the 2000s. It is a third-person shooter based on an alternate history of New York during the invasion of a foreign superpower.

The game was a lightning-in-a-bottle moment for IO Interactive, which was best known for their Hitman series. The gameplay was simple but successful, and the story held its own with incredible moments like your unit capturing a Soviet-occupied TV station and your character delivering a stirring speech.

If you happen to like this game, we have picked some games similar to Freedom Fighters which may bring some nostalgic memories. Here are our top 5 picks:

Kane And Lynch: Dead Men

Kane Lynch Dead Men Free Download
Kane And Lynch: Dead Men

Since IO Interactive created the Kane and Lynch as a spiritual successor to Freedom Fighters, this is as far out on a limb as the list gets. It holds true in terms of gameplay, with some gameplay elements from Freedom Fighters being carried over to Kane and Lynch.

The mood and plot of the two games start to diverge significantly, with Kane and Lynch becoming a nihilistic and brutal rampage through the city full of unpleasant characters.

However, Kane and Lynch have a certain allure, and if players are looking for a gritty, brutal look into the criminal underworld, Dead Men may be the game for them.

Project: IGI

Project IGI 1 Game Free Download PC Game Full
Projecr IGI

We don’t need to tell you how famous Project I.G.I is, and it is without a doubt the best freedom fighters-style PC game you’ll ever see. It’s a first-person shooter with a tactical twist. The game’s sound and graphics were praised for their elegance. It also has a fantastic game engine that its target audience enjoys.

While the game only has a single-player mode, which is its only shortcoming, it has a fantastic plot and some of the best design gameplay. It’s also a strategy game in which you’ll have to consider how you’ll get out of each situation and how you’ll deal with upcoming events.

Total Overdose

Total Overdose

Absolute Overdose is the next PC game that is similar to Freedom Fighters. It’s one of those games that’s earned a lot of acclaim for its unrivalled gameplay and unique storyline. It’s a third-person shooter game set in an open world. You can either complete missions or simply roam around the country.

Romero, Tommy, and Ernesto are the three characters in the game. The first is the main character, who can be played in the game, while the second and third characters can only be played at the start. The controls are very smooth, and the gameplay is very intuitive, with weapons such as guns and rocket launchers. Since the game is progressive, you must complete missions in order to advance to the next level.

Call of Duty 1

Call of Duty 1 Repack Games
Call of Duty 1

When you think of Call of Duty, you presumably conjure up images of 14-year-olds yelling at each other on Xbox Live. Despite the fact that Call of Duty (CoD) has become a bit of a joke, synonymous with lewd teenage boys and dudebros, it was one of my favourite games as a child.

Call of Duty 1 was such a masterpiece as it was demanding while still being wacky. Modern CoD games made all of the weapons so powerful and easy to kill within an effort to make the series more available (due to all the attachments, perks, scopes, killstreaks, aiming down sights while jumping, and abundance of cheesy weaponry like shotguns and rocket launchers).



The next game on our list, like Freedom Fighters, is Hitman, which is unquestionably one of the best stealth games. You’ll take on the part of an assassin who travels the world killing high-profile targets! It’s a lot of fun to play!

These were some of our best picks for games similar to freedom fighters and they are definitely worth playing so don’t miss the chance to play them!

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