FPS Boost is Now Compatible with 74 More Xbox Series X / S Games


Today, Microsoft added 74 more games to its Xbox FPS Boost mode, bringing the total to 97. Assassin’s Creed Unity, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Wasteland 3, and Far Cry 5 will all be upgraded to 60 frames per second. The complete list can be found on Microsoft’s website.

Some Xbox One games can now run at higher frame rates on the latest consoles thanks to FPS Boost, which works without the need for additional developer support. In the future, it could be used with Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. Some backward-compatible games have improved frame rates, but the FPS Boost feature improves older games without requiring developers to make changes.

The updates arrive just weeks after Microsoft added FPS Boost mode to 13 EA games, with 12 of them supporting up to 120 frames per second. In March, Microsoft added FPS Boost to a number of Bethesda games. Both of these previous additions brought the total number of FPS Boost games to 23, but Microsoft’s updates today bring that number to 97.

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