Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations – Week 2 Alien Artifacts

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations
Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations

Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations – Week 2 Alien Artifacts– Alien Artifacts have been introduced to Fortnite Season 7 as an item that can be redeemed for customization options for the Kymera alien skin from the Battle Pass. But what exactly are Alien Artifacts and where can you locate them? Let’s take a look at every Alien Artifact Location in Fortnite.

Alien Artifacts are a new collectible currency, similar to Gold Bars from previous seasons. Unlike the Bars, these artifacts have a specific purpose: they allow you to customize Kymera, the first unlocked skin in the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass.

Kymera alien skin from the Battle Pass
Kymera alien skin from the Battle Pass

You can customize the Kymera skin by modifying its head form, eyes, skin color, and more using artifacts collected from across the island. Most of the upgrade options cost between two and seventeen artifacts.

Alien Artifacts may be found by simply exploring the island, with new Artifact spots being added every week ensuring that the players remain involved in completely personalizing their Kymera. There are five Alien Artifacts to discover in Week 2 at the key places listed below.

Week 2 – Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations

Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations Week-2
Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations
  1. On a hill just northeast of Pleasant Park.
  2. Near the bridge east of The Aftermath.
  3. Near the smaller of two pools between Retail Row and Dirty Docks.
  4. On the eastside shore of the west island in Lazy Lake.
  5. At the fort southwest of Coral Castle.

Each Artifact container adds a number of Alien Artifacts to your collection. They were worth four Artifacts apiece in Week 1, so even if you never found an Artifact Chest in Week 2, you could still obtain 20 Alien Artifacts.

Kymera’s several customizable features, such as head form, armor color, and eye color, all have a variety of possibilities, with various prices for each category. You may purchase the cheapest item in each category with 20 Alien Artifacts, or spend on a single high-value item like a Cthulhu-like skull for 17 Artifacts.

If you gather these Artifacts every week, you’ll have enough by the end of the season to build the ideal alien you want. Throughout Fortnite Season 7, we’ll be sure to highlight the new Alien Artifact locations every week. Meanwhile, finish up your Week 1 tasks or get a head start on the Week 2 tasks.

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To recall, Fortnite also added Cosmic Chests, a new type of chest exclusive to Season 7, which are another way to get Alien Artifacts. Cosmic Chests are treasure chests hovering mid-air, frozen in enormous crystals. They can only be opened by a group of players, and hence will only emerge in non-solo matches.

How to Open the Cosmic Chest

  1. Locate a Cosmis Chest, and gather your squad around it.
  2. Activate the Chest, and a beam of light will attach to members of the squad.
  3. The attached members must attack specific points on the crystal.
  4. The beam will pass throughout the squad, so repeat the step 4 with all the members till the chest is freed.

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