Folding iPhone could launch in 2023


We’ve all heard the rumors about a folding iPhone in development, but it is now that Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has provided us with an expected release time. The folding iPhones which have much the talk of the town may roll-out in 2023, as per Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s information. Even in the past, Ming-Chi Kuo has been known as a very reliable source when it comes to Apple products and services. Hence, this latest piece of information from him may also be quite true.

The renowned analyst also added that the phone would come with a 7.5 to 8-inch screen. There have also been earlier rumors reporting that the size of these folding iPhones may be somewhat similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Kuo also added that when the phone is folded out it will turn into the size of an iPad Mini screen. This shows that Apple may be going for an outlook quite similar to the Galaxy Fold which turns a regular-sized smartphone into the size of a tablet. This means that the prospect of a compact-sized rolling phone is out of bounds for now.

iPhone Folding Concept

Though there have been a great many rumors regarding the folding iPhones, it has been reported by Kuo that the product hasn’t “officially kicked off” yet. On the other hand, Apple’s competitors such as Samsung, Motorola, and Royole have launched plenty of rolling smartphones. However, it should be noted that all these smartphones are just a glimpse of what the rolling smartphone technology could actually be and they also cost a fortune. So, even if Apple may enter the game a little late, there are chances that it may blow off its customers’ minds with their advanced rolling iPhones.

As per these reports, we believe that though the premium smartphone brand may have started working on the all-new technology, it may a while till we can get our hands on the final product. Kuo has provided an expected launch of 2023, however, it greatly depends on whether Apple is able to get to the bottom of the “key technology and mass production issues.”

But knowing Apple, it is quite likely that the brand may do something it has been known for doing best in the past-take on an already existing technology, make changes and improvements in it, decipher the bugs and issues, and finally launch a fault-free and premium product that stands out above the rest.

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