5 Best Things About Windows 11

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Windows 11 is touted as the biggest Windows update since Windows 10, which was released on 29 July, 2015. Users have mixed feelings about the new operating system, mainly because Windows 11 provides a major design overhaul to Windows 10.

We will definitely get to see many users cling onto Windows 10 for now, until it reaches the end of its life on October 14, 2025. The date will mark over 10 years since the operating system was first introduced. If you are thinking about upgrading your PC to Windows 11, we have gathered a list of the five best things about Windows 11 that will help you take this decision better.

1. Redesigned Action Center

Windows 11 features a completely new and redesigned Action Center than the one found in Windows 10. With Windows 11, Microsoft has upgraded the Action Center to provide a new set of functionalities. For example, when you click on actions like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, a new configuration pane appears, which allows you to be able to switch between different WiFi or Bluetooth connections directly from the Windows Action Center.

Previously on Windows 10, these actions would redirect users to the Windows Settings app, but you can now configure them directly from within the Action Center panel.

Another big change also includes support for the new music control panel, which appears whenever an app is playing audio. With the new music control, you can finally have the ability to change track, and pause/resume the audio content directly from Windows 11’s Action Center, which was not possible previously.

2. Redesigned Settings App

Microsoft has completely redesigned the settings app in Windows 11. The settings app in Windows 11 features a new design while providing far more features in terms of functionality compared to the settings app found in Windows 10.

The new settings app in Windows 11 allows you to change way more advanced settings right from the Settings app, rather than redirecting you to the old control panel to make those changes; which was the case with Windows 10.

3. Redesigned File Explorer

Windows 11 also features a new redesigned File Explorer, complete with a new set of icons and features. The new file explorer features a new top bar with redesigned buttons.

The new file explorer also adds more padding between the different folders, which makes it more suitable for touch screen computers.

Windows 11

4. New Mica Material Theme With Rounded corners

With Windows 11 Microsoft also introduced a new Mica Material Theme. The new theme provides a translucent glass-like effect throughout the system. This helps to create a visual hierarchy throughout the system, aiding productivity, by increasing clarity about which window is in focus.

Apart from the new Mica Material Theme, all the app windows, their context menus, as well as buttons feature rounded corners. Rounded corners in Windows 11 give it a very modern look in terms of the user interface.

5. More user customization capabilities

In Windows 10, there were some customisation options available. However, Windows 11 allows you to select custom accent colors that show up in more places than ever before. Something similar to what we find in OxygenOS found on OnePlus Phones.

Microsoft has even made customization of the virtual keyboard possible, something that is really useful if you own a two-in-one with a touch screen display.


Apart from the five changes we listed above, Windows 11 will be having many other new features down the line, which are still under development; such as the new redesigned photos app, new video editing interface, and support for Android apps etc. making Windows 11 a really great upgrade to the Windows 10.

What are your thoughts about upgrading your PC to Windows 11? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates

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