Finally! A USB Type-C iPhone Engineered by Kenny Pillonel

USB Type-C iPhone
Credit: Kenny Pillonel

The EU has mandated Type-C. The Apple iPhone is expected to go portless or adopt a USB Type-C port. And finally, someone did it – Made a functional USB Type-C iPhone.

Apple has been shifting to USB Type-C, and the most recent iPad Mini 6 has a Type-C port for charging and data transfers. However, it does not seem like Apple wants to go down the path of making the iPhone’s USB Type-C. This would lead Apple to ditch the lightning cable as most of its products now support USB Type-C.

Kenny Pillonel, a YouTuber, posted a YouTube Short claiming to have made a functional USB Type-C iPhone. The Title of the video is World’s First USB-C iPhone.” His channel only has three videos, and all of them are on making a USB Type-C iPhone.

USB Type-C iPhone
Credit: Kenny Pillonel

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This is what Kenny has to say on how he engineered an iPhone with USB Type-C:

“This is it. I’ve finally built the World’s First iPhone with a USB Type-C port. It supports charging and data transfers. The first part was about getting the electronics to work. Then the next step was to reverse-engineer the Apple C94 connector and make my PCB with a female USB C port. Then the schematics for the project were set and tested, and the final was to make it fit inside the iPhone! I’m very happy to show you this mod in the form of a Youtube Short. The full-length video is coming out soon; I’ve started the editing.”

He has shared further details on his blog in which he shares details about parts he intends to use while going about making the USB Type-C iPhone a reality. He will also be sharing the full video on how he finally did it soon.

A USB Type-C iPhone for sure gets all of us excited. The more the products with USB Type-C the better it is as all our electronic devices become compatible with one cable/charger.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the USB Type-C iPhone. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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