FAUG is now available on iOS thanks to nCore Games


FAUG was first introduced in India on January 26th, followed by a global launch in February. Following this, nCore Games revealed that Team Deathmatch would be the game’s first multiplayer mode.

The game is now live on the Apple App Store and can be downloaded on iOS devices, according to the developers. When it first came out, the game didn’t get great reviews, and most people thought it was lacking in quality.

Apart from the iOS release, the inclusion of a multiplayer mode for FAUG could be an interesting turn for the game, as it previously only featured melee combat, which many people found to be a little too repetitive.

The video announcing the multiplayer mode revealed that the game’s characters could be armed, which is exactly what this game needed. This means that the next major update to the game will include not only a new multiplayer mode but also new weapons.


Aside from the new guns, one of the characters in the multiplayer announcement video has some new playable characters that we haven’t seen yet in the game, as well as some new items.

The Team Deathmatch mode will be played in a 5v5 format. In most games, Team Deathmatch is a mode in which players from both teams battle to get a certain amount of frags or kills. Trolls can’t engage servers forever, so there’s typically a time limit. Even if teams do not achieve the requisite number of kills, the team with the most frags at the end of the period is the winner.

After its announcement in September of last year, FAUG has managed to generate a lot of excitement. The biggest drive that the game developers wanted to capitalize on was the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. FAUG raised the stakes even higher by collaborating with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. And now that the game has been published and the first major update is on the way, it’s up to the developers to deliver.

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