Facebook Verifies Now Deleted Elon Musk Fan Page

Facebook Verifies Elon Musk Fan Page
Facebook Verifies Elon Musk Fan Page

It is no doubt that famous celebrities like Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring company’s CEO Elon Musk have fan pages on various social media platforms. These pages can sometimes have a huge following and are noticed by the celebrity themselves. One such page got verified today on Facebook

A Facebook fan page for Elon Musk with 153,000 followers had been verified as the official page representing him — in violation of Facebook’s own rules. The page was soon taken down, although it is unclear whether it was by the page owners or by Facebook Inc.

The page actually was created on July 28th, 2019, like a fan page for popular soccer star “Kizito Gavin,”. Since then, it has gone through some modifications going from “Kizito Gavin” to “Ahmed Kenawy” and finally “Elon Musk” twice. The Page Transparency tab on Facebook also revealed that the manager of the page is based in Egypt.

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The URL of the page also made it a blatant “fake page” since the username was “elonmuskoffici“, which certainly did not make it look official.

The page was somehow verified, and Facebook stated that it “confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents.” However, this page is no longer available.

Verification is a huge challenge for social media platforms, and we have seen platforms like Twitter in a constant battle to sort out this situation. Sometimes, during the constant herd of accounts eligible to be verified, some fake accounts also do get verified, and this page seemed to be one of those mistakes.

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