Facebook’s Meta Smartwatch Might Be Coming Soon


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, was speculated to be working on a smartwatch for some time now. It might be scheduled to be released in 2022. However, we only had minimal information about the smartwatch until now, as apparently, the renders of Meta’s new smartwatch have leaked online.

The renders were first found by the former developer, Steve Moser, which were “casually” left in the code of the Facebook View companion app. It was released with Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses earlier this month.

According to Moser, the smartwatch has an internal codename of “Milan.” It features a bit punch-hole notch for a front-facing camera on its little front display, all packed inside of what seems like a squircle stainless steel housing, with detachable straps.

Apart from the way it looks from the front, it is tough to determine what sort of sensors are supported by the watch since we can’t see its back. However, The Verge initially reported that the smartwatch might come with a front-facing camera for video calls and a heart rate sensor, which we still cannot confirm.

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The fact that the image of Facebook’s new smartwatch was found in the Facebook View app kind of hints the watch might also focus on capturing short video clips that can then be uploaded onto social media directly from the view app, as we have seen with the Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Overall, the meta watch has a very similar design to Fitbit’s Versa and Sense smartwatches. We really don’t think it is ready to compete with the already established smartwatches from the likes of Apple or Samsung, and it would be nothing but a huge privacy concern.

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