Facebook Messenger Marks 10 Years From Launch This Month

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Facebook Messenger completes 10 years from launch in September 2021. To celebrate its anniversary, Facebook added four new features to the app. The new features will soon start rolling out and they were unveiled by Facebook’s official blog post. Facebook has helped connect over a billion people around the world through its platform in these 10 years. Let’s take a look at the features that will start rolling out soon.

Poll Games

Poll Games
Source: Facebook

This is a fun twist to the already existing poll feature in Facebook messenger. They have introduced a “Most Likely to” game. You can use this in group chats to get people more involved in the conversation. To play a poll game in your group chat, tap “Polls” and select the “Most Likely To” tab to pick a question and select the names of chat participants to be included as potential answers.

Cash Birthday Gifts using Facebook Pay

Birthday Payments 1920x1080 4UP
Source: Facebook

When your friends send you a cash gift for your birthday, it will show up on Facebook and Messenger wrapped and accompanied by virtual ballons. This is a US exclusive feature and will work once you confirm your Facebook Pay details. To send a birthday cash gift, go to the Facebook mobile app and tap the button that appears alongside your friend’s birthday posts in your Facebook News Feed or their profile.

Birthday Expression Tools

Chat Theme Android 1920x1760 White
Source: Facebook

You also get a new birthday chat theme, “Birthday Balloon 360 Background” where you can also blow candles using the “Birthday AR effect”. They’ve added a new message effect where you can add a burst of confetti to your celebratory message. You can also send Birthday Song Soundmoji, which plays the birthday song when other users receive it.

Message Effects gif
Source: Facebook

Easy Contact Sharing

Facebook is also introducing a new way to easily share Facebook contacts with friends. You can simply select the contact you want to share, then tap on the “Share Contact” under the “More Actions” section and finally tap on with whom you want to share the contact.

Contact Sharing
Source: Facebook

You can also add effects to words with Word effects. The feature lets pair words with emojis and while you send these words, the emojis will automatically show up. These were some very cool additions to the Messenger app.

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