Facebook Launches Live Audio Rooms, A Clubhouse Clone?

FaceBook Audio Rooms
FaceBook Audio Rooms

Facebook is a highly diverse application, and they have expanded the platform even more by adding live audio rooms. These resemble Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces and have been made to cater to an exponentially growing form of communication. The social media giant has unveiled this new feature to public figures, creators, and groups globally.

A Facebook executive officially tweeted about this feature to announce it. Some people in countries like the United States of America have already started to see it in the app.

“Live Audio Rooms available to public figures and creators globally: From today, all verified public figures and creators will have the ability to host Live Audio Rooms. We’ve seen it become a great tool for lightweight connection and conversion among various types of communities.”

This feature will also be available in FaceBook Groups, allowing easier communication with all community members. Originally, this feature was added in June earlier this year, but it had been exclusive to iOS. The feature is currently in testing on Android and Desktop and should roll out soon. The tweet added that users would soon have the ability to host rooms on Android and listen from Desktops.

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The functioning and UI are similar to Clubhouse but with some restrictions. There can be an unlimited amount of listeners but only up to 50 speakers. Just like Twitter Spaces, any ongoing rooms on FaceBook will be visible to followers and friends right in their News Feed and notifications.

Facebook says this is just the beginning of what they are creating, so it will be very interesting to see what other audio features Facebook offers in the near future!

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