Facebook Could Launch Its First Smartwatch With Camera

Facebook Smartwatch
Facebook Smartwatch expected next year

Facebook is all set to enter the hardware market by introducing its first-ever smartwatch. Facebook hasn’t confirmed the news publicly but currently plans to debut the smart device next summer. According to sources, Mark Zuckerberg plans to build a wide consumer base that will overlook Apple and Google, the two dominant mobile platforms that largely control Facebook’s ability to reach people.

Facebook smartwatch certainly opens up another area of competition with Apple and Google. Apple has aggressively positioned itself as a protector of privacy by limiting the data that apps like Facebook can collect. While Facebook has been beset by scandals for years over its handling of user data.

Facebook Smartwatch Specifications (Rumored)


The device will feature a screen with two cameras that can be removed from the wrist to take pictures and videos. This media can later be shared across the entire suite of Facebook applications, including Instagram. It’s being said that Facebook is tapping other companies to create accessories for attaching the camera hub to things like backpacks.

The watch may have a heart rate monitor and is said to offer LTE connectivity. Those who buy the device wouldn’t necessarily have to pair it with a phone, which would reduce Facebook’s reliance on iPhone and Android devices to a certain degree. That said, the watch will likely use a custom version of Android, and there will probably be an accompanying phone app.  It’s not yet clear how much Facebook plans to charge for its first smartwatch, but it could be around $400.

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Previously, Facebook had tried to make hardware by building cellphones when they collaborated with HTC, but it failed. Since then, the company has expanded into other products such as its VR headset and Portal system.

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