Facebook and Instagram to Give More Control to Users on their Account

Instagrams hide view count feature
Source: Facebook About Page

Instagram and Facebook have been testing an option of hiding the views and like on post for a while. Recently, they announced a new feature for their users which allows users to decide whether the user wants to hide or show their views and like count. For a while, users were experiencing an issue with the like count and view counts as the public was using it as a benchmark to get a better sense for what’s in trend or who’s content is going viral, some also judge influencers and content creators by their views count and likes as a benchmark to see if it would make sense to collab with them, and this experience turned out to be a little depressing for the users.

Instagrams hide like feature
Source: Facebook About Page

In order to minimize this issue, the company has come up with a solution to hide all post counts in the News Feed. This allows users to concentrate on the photographs and videos rather than the post’s popularity. The toggle is located in the new Posts area of Settings -> Privacy, and it takes effect immediately.

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In terms of personal content, users may disable like counts on their posts, but they must do it themselves -by default, the likes are visible. Not only that, but there is no master toggle, so if users wants the numbers to be hidden throughout the whole profile, users must turn off the counter in each and every post.

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