F1 2022 Game Launch Date Reveled

The F1 2022 game will be released in July as the launch date of the game reveled. Read along to know more about it.
f1 2022 game

The famous EA Sports along with Codemasters revealed that the new F1 2022 game will be releasing on 1st of July this year. The F1 2022 game always tries to keep real-time players of Formula 1 within the game along with featuring fancy and luxurious cars continuing with new rules and regulations. Gamers would be having an experience of their life with some new game features, and racing in the great Miami Grand Prix in Miami International Autodrome Circuit which will be making its debut in May as well as there’ll be sprint races within the game. 

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f1 2022 game

The F1 Senior Creative Director of Codemasters, Lee Mather revealed some considerable news regarding the launch of the new F1 2022 game. He said, “They not only gave the game a touch of the real-world but also refurbished the physics in order to integrate the new aerodynamics rules along with the tyre models that are also customised which helps with the handling, bringing one step closer to reality.” He also remarked, “This couldn’t have been a better time for the players to witness the life of an F1 driver and take the wheels, with next-gen technology and graphics, updated circuits, flexible AI and numerous gameplay options available to the players.”  

Back in 2021, Formula 1 were testing three sprint races and it looks like those tests were successful enough to be added in the 2022 season. Both the developers of the F1 2022 game validated that the F1 will be featuring Sprint Races for the first time in the series of F1 games. The sprint races will have real-time tracks of Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi, with the first race to be in Imola.

Players now have the liberty to customise their set-up with new gameplay options such as Immersive and Broadcast options, which will be affecting the laps of the cars, safety car periods and pit stops. Immersive option allows players to face challenges which gives risk-reward where they can either finish outside the points or in the podium whereas Broadcast makes it easy for the players keeping them close to the action providing them some legitimate cinematics.  

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Another new feature added in the F1 game of 2022 season is F1 Life, where the players would get to live the life of the F1 driver.  Here they can flaunt their various collections of fancy cars, inventory of clothes and many other achievements which are earned by playing the game including Podium Pass.

The new series of F1 Game of 2022 season, Champions Edition can be pre-ordered three days prior to the official release of the game, which is 28 June. If gamers buy the pre-order version before May 16, they’ll be able to get a special Miami-themed goodie bag including every gear of an F1 driver along with a wall art designed by a local artist.  

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