Top 5 Extra Large (XXL) Mousepads to add to your Gaming/WFH Setups


If you are looking to add some finishing touches to your setup or perhaps have decided to upgrade it, an XXL-sized mousepad could work like a charm. These large mousepads not only work for your mouse but might also incorporate your keyboard as well.

Since a lot of us are creating new setups as part of our work from home culture, why not get a new mousepad to add a bit more aesthetic to your setup? These mousepads also work great for gamers as well. Before

Types of Mousepads

Mousepads are usually created for two types – Speed and Control. Speed mousepads have a smooth surface and help the mouse glide smoother. Control mousepads have a grainy texture which gives you good control over moving the mouse.

Now, let’s look at some of the best offerings of mousepads. All of the mousepads mentioned below come with a rubber base so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off your desk.

RiaTech Extra Large (900x400x3mm)

RiaTech Mousepad

RiaTech’s extra-large is a Speed type mousepad. If you have a white tabletop and want that black and white contrast in your setup this is a great choice. It’s fully black with no patterns at all. This makes it one of the best options out there for those of you who want to maintain a minimalistic look in their setups. The edges are stitched which will help prevent normal wear and tear. It also comes in other size options also you can choose the thickness as per your needs.

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Redgear MP80 (800x300x3mm)

RedGear MP80

Redgear MP80 mousepad comes in both Speed and Control types. The sides have been stitched and make it a durable product. It has a lot of branding but this may not be a downside as it comes in a red and black colour theme. A lot of gaming peripherals, especially monitors have this aesthetic and the mousepad will just blend in if you have are aiming for a red and black theme setup.

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CosmicByte HyperGiant  (900x450x4mm)

CB HyperGiant

CosmicByte HyperGiant is one of the cheapest mousepads out there for the size it comes in. Comes in both Speed and Control type. A mousepad is 900x450mm dimensions cannot be easily found. This is surely going to cover your tabletop really well. The designs on the mousepad can be something that can influence your decision of buying this and it totally comes down to personal preference. The sides are stitched and the thickness is also comparatively better.

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Redgear MPR800 (780x300mm)

Redgear MPR800

For gamers who are looking to add even more RGB to their setup, this is a great choice. This mousepad from Redgear comes with RGB lights that are controllable with buttons. The cable on this one is also detachable for instances where you don’t need much lighting. The company claims that the mousepad is neither control nor speed type but will suit all gamers as it gives you pinpoint accuracy with great speeds.

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Tukzer RGB Gaming (800x300x4mm)

Tukzer RGB

Loaded with 13 lighting modes this mousepad is a total value for money. It comes with a microfibre surface that replicates the texture of a Speed type mousepad. The size of the mousepad is also good with 4mm thickness which makes it feel more premium. This mousepad also features detachable cables. The mousepad is space-themed, which looks really good.

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These are our recommended XXL mousepads. If you liked these or are using any of them do let us know.

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