Here’s Each & Everything Revealed on The First Day of OPPO INNO DAY 2021


OPPO just wrapped up the first day of its INNO DAY 2021 yesterday and has announced two new products, including its Air Glass, the company’s latest aR (assisted Reality) device, and its MariSiliconX imaging NPU. Here’s everything that you should know about OPPO’s new offerings:

OPPO Air Glass

oppo air glass

At just 30grams, OPPO’s Air Glass is one of the lightest monocle waveguide devices in the industry, taking direct inspiration from the wings of a cicada. The sleek and minimalistic Air Glass is held together on a light and slim frame that houses its Internals, including a Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC, a speaker, OPPO’s self-developed spark micro projector, and a touch bar to control the glass, not to be confused with the MacBook touch bar.

OPPO says that the glasses will be a great addition to your daily routine, helping you enhance your lifestyle. The glasses provide practical and valuable tools such as weather, navigation, health date monitoring, teleprompter, and live speech-to-text translation, which can only translate Chinese to English, while support for other languages is under the works.

Users can pair the device with an OPPO smartphone or a smartwatch. Once paired, the user can interact with the glasses by tapping or sliding on the touch bar or by using gesture control that tracks your head and hand movements.

Limited Edition of OPPO’s Air Glass that will come in full-frame Black and half-frame Silver variants in two different sizes, is expected to launch in China eventually in Q1 of 2022.

MariSilicon X NPU

oppo marisilixonx npu

OPPO’s first self-developed imaging NPU (Neural Processing Unit), claimed to be the most powerful NPU on the planet, will be powering the company’s new HDR & NR AI algorithms along with a new image processing pipeline that would result in more vibrant and richer colour reproduction and improved signal to noise ratio even under challenging lighting conditions.

Apart from the functions mentioned earlier, the chip itself will be built on a 6nm architecture combined with a dedicated tera-bps memory subsystem that significantly reduces the time to copy data back and forth. This results in near real-time raw processing and up to 20x faster 4K AI performance with ultra-high power efficiency.

The OPPO MariSilicon X NPU will make its debut inside the company’s Find X series of smartphones which are also expected to be launched sometime in Q1 of 2022 and its Air Glasses.

Overall, OPPO’s first day of its INNO DAY 2021 went well, and we are very excited to look at OPPO’s first foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N, which was just revealed today on the second day of the event.

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