Epic Games Launches Unreal Engine 5: New Features and How to Download It

Unreal Engine 5 brings a host of performance improvements over its predecessor.
Epic Games Unreal Engine 5

The next big release from Epic Games is here – The Unreal Engine 5. It came nearly two years after it was first announced by the company. Unreal Engine 5 announcement was a part of the company’s “State of Unreal” virtual event where the company revealed that that is now available to download.

What’s new in Unreal Engine 5?

Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine 5 is a big deal as it brings a host of performance improvements over its predecessor. For developers, the updated engine brings various improvements, including performance enhancements and an upgraded User Interface (UI). A major change that Unreal Engine 5 incorporates is the significant changes in technology to provide more photorealistic visuals in future games. It includes Lumen and Nanite.

Lumen provides dynamic lighting, allowing the game to produce true-to-life lighting, and Nanite, according to Epic Games, “gives you the ability to create games and experiences with massive amounts of geometric detail.” while maintaining frame rate and fidelity. Unreal Engine 5 features Virtual Shadow Maps to provide soft shadows with controllable performance costs.

Epic Games Unreal Engine 5
Photo credit: Epic Games

The updated engine also includes City Sample which contains the entire city scene from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine Experience. The Temporal Super Resolution feature has also been included in Unreal Engine 5 which renders at a low resolution, but with a similar output pixel fidelity to frames rendered at a higher resolution. It results in higher frame rates and better performance.

How to download Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5?

The next generation of the game engine from Epic Games, The Unreal Engine 5, can be downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher. You can click this link to download the launcher.

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