Using the Word “PUBG” in Relation to Battlegrounds Mobile India Could Lead to a Ban Again; Hints at New Sanhok Map

Battlegrounds India Sanghok Map Teaser
Battlegrounds India Sanghok Map Teaser

At a time when millions of PUBG fans in India are eagerly awaiting the return of their favourite game, there is some good news for them. Despite the fact that PUBG Mobile India has been banned, the game’s developers are working on a new version of the game called Battlegrounds Mobile India.

There has been no formal announcement of a release date, media reports indicate that the game will be released in June. However, Krafton, the game’s main developer, has reportedly requested content creators to stop referring to their new title as PUBG Mobile in order to avoid being blocked by the Indian government once more. Read on to find more details about the same.

Battlegrounds India Facebook Post with Sanghok Map Teaser
Battlegrounds India Facebook Post with Sanghok Map Teaser

On a brighter note, in the most recent teaser, the company showed off a position that appears to be quite close to the Sanhok map on PUBG Mobile. The image depicts Sanhok’s Ban Tai town, which is a dock known for its abundance of loot.

It appears that Battlegrounds Mobile India will receive a map similar to that seen on PUBG Mobile, which will be a welcome sight for long-time PUBG fans. It’s uncertain if Krafton can keep names like Sanhok, Pochinki, and so on.

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Krafton Fears Getting Blocked by the Indian Government Once Again

Krafton is determined to distance itself from PUBG in every way possible due to its prohibition. The first sign of this was the company’s announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, which made no mention of PUBG Mobile.

Now, it appears that the company has advised content creators not to include PUBG Mobile in their videos because the company does not want Battlegrounds Mobile India to be banned as well.

According to IGN India, Krafton allegedly sent a Whatsapp message to content creators asking them to stop referring to their latest game Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile.

Aura Gaming Instagram Story containing a message from Game creators
Aura Gaming Instagram Story containing a message from Game creators

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“We will also recommend that you stop using PUBGM in your material because it was banned and we do not want to be banned again,” reads part of the post. “In your content, we would suggest using worlds such as Battlegrounds Mobile India, Korean game, Indian version.”

This was first seen on Instagram in the story of famous content creator Gaming Aura. Although Aura deleted his Instagram story about it, the YouTube channel Controversial Gamer managed to get ahold of it before that, but all mention of it was scrubbed from their video hours later.

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There is a lot we don’t know about Battlegrounds Mobile India right now, but the company has announced that the game is only available in India. Aside from India-specific activities, the gameplay, characters, and other aspects will be changed to make it more user-friendly. We’re looking at a game that will be less violent than PUBG Mobile India.

The authenticity of this post, however, is unknown because the officials have not specifically shared this detail. If this message is accurate, Krafton could be attempting to avoid yet another roadblock in India.

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