Digiboxx- India’s Best Cloud Storage platform with the most affordable pricing

DigiBoxx Indias first cloud storage platform
DigiBoxx Indias first cloud storage platform

Digiboxx is India’s first homegrown Digital Asset Management Platform developed by Niti Ayog that stands for National Institution For Transforming India, under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Initiative. Digiboxx is India’s First Digital Asset Management platform for individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries. Digiboxx is scalable, secure, and simple for everyone. Whether it is independent projects that you take up as a freelancer or massive initiatives you take up as a company or brand.

Digiboxx Digital asset management platform
Digiboxx: India’s First Cloud storage platform

Digiboxx is a smart Indian digital file storage and sharing platform that’s secure, fast, intuitive and easy on the pocket. With a goal to make digital asset management go vocal for local, its built on robust technology that’s world class & yet keeps in mind the flavors of India.

Digiboxx Instashare: Send files without signing-up

Yes, you read that right. Instashare feature on DigiBoxx is the best feature by now for a cloud-based storage platform. Users can share files of upto 2 GB of size without signing-up on DigiBoxx. Users just need to put the recipients e-mail address with their own e-mail address while sharing the files using the Instashare feature.

Digiboxx: Pricing and Utilities

The swadeshi cloud platform is easy on the pocket as users can sign-up for free and the charges are as low as Rs. 30 a month. Users signing-up for a free account get up to 20GB of free storage where they can share files up to 2 GB in size. Freelancers can sign-up with a paid-account for Rs. 30 in which they’ll get 2 TB storage where they can share files of up to 10 Gb of size. And, for Small-Medium Businesses or companies, firms can sign-up with Rs. 999 for 25 TB of storage space where they can share up to 10 GB size files and can be managed by up to 500 users on a single account. Users can subscribe for yearly paid accounts as well.

DigiBoxx Pricing for data storage
DigiBoxx: Pricing

That’s a really great move by the Government of India as it’s the best-known alternative of ‘Google Drive’ and ‘Microsoft OneDrive’ in terms of pricing as well as storage space.

DigiBoxx is for every Indian, for every need and is available in 9 Indian languages.

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