Clubhouse gets Spatial Audio Support for iOS; Will be Available on Android Soon


Clubhouse is a recent social media platform that is focused on voice discussions. You can join rooms on various topics where people come together to voice their opinions. Now, Clubhouse will support “Spatial Audio” which will add essence to the concept of people talking in rooms on which the club is based.

You might be wondering what exactly is Spatial Audio. In simple terms, if a device supports spatial audio, you can hear the sound coming from various directions corresponding to what is being played. Spatial Audio support for Netflix was just released for iPhones and iPad a couple of weeks ago.

Spatial audio on Clubhouse will be rolling out from today. This will only be available to iOS devices as of now and Andriod will get it soon is what the company says. It will be the default audio option and you can turn it off in settings.

Clubhouse tweeted about adding Spatial Audio support for, “A more vibrant, human experience! Plus makes it much easier to tell who’s talking.” This is a great addition as it will make virtual rooms more lifelike. You will be able to tell the direction of the Speaker and this does help in making it a better experience overall.

According to Engadget, when they enquired if you will need hardware like Airpods Pro or Airpods Max that support Spatial Audio the company replied, “all wired and wireless headphones will support spatial audio. You won’t hear it when you’re speaking with Bluetooth audio due to technical limitations, but the effect will still be applied. The company hoped to address that issue with mobile OS makers”.

So this provides us with an explanation that there are no hardware and software limitations for spatial audio to be implemented. We will soon see this feature available even for Android devices.

image 19

One thing to note is spatial audio will only be available when you are in the audience and not on the stage.

What are your thoughts on the implementation of Spatial Audio? Let us know in the comments below.

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