[Breaking] OPPO Patents a New Power Bank That Doubles Up as a Wireless Charging Pad

Oppo Wireless Powerbank

According to a new patent, OPPO is still working on a future wireless charging gear. The company patented a power bank that doubles up as a wireless charging pad at CNIPA. The gadget looks like just a standard power bank with a dedicated space to wirelessly charge a smartphone on top. This comes a few weeks after OPPO files a patent for Wireless Charging Pad with a dedicated space to charge a smartwatch.

Previously, we came across some exciting patent concepts of wireless charging pads of a foldable charging pad, a standard wireless charging pad, and a dual brick charging station, but they never made it to production. So, there is a strong possibility this wouldn’t hit the market either.

OPPO has already introduced its MagVOOC wireless charging technology. If the company decides actually to launch the new power bank / wireless changing pad, it would be a minor upgrade over OPPO’s current offering — MagVOOC.

Taking a deeper look at the patent, we can see a rectangular design with curved edges and a matt finish. On the top, we can see the charging area where users can place their handset or other accessories that support wireless charging. The pad also has a charging slot on the side – a USB Type-C slot. Also an LED indicator, just beside the port to indicate the power left in the device.

There is also a possibility that this powerbank might launch alongside the Oppo Reno 7 series, which recently launched in China and will come to India in first quarter of 2022.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much all we have for you regarding OPPO’s new power bank. We will, of course, keep you posted in case we come across any significant developments in terms of this exciting gear.

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