Brave Browser Ditches Google for its Own Search Engine

Brave Browser
Brave Search
Brave Browser

Brave Browser has been hailed as a really great browser by privacy-conscious peeps for a long time now. Brave provides a privacy-focused browser that blocks third-party ads and trackers, similar to the privacy features provided by Tor but much faster.

Now, Brave wants to take its privacy to the next level by ditching Google for their own privacy-focused search engine called Brave Search, which will ship with the Browser by default.

Brave Search will be replacing Google in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada; Qwant in France; and DuckDuckGo in Germany; while more countries will be switched over in the coming months.

Brave Search works on Brave’s own independent index of webpages, whereas on the other hand, many competitors rely on a mix of results from larger indexes like Microsoft’s Bing. The company says its search engine does not track “users, their searches, or their clicks.”

However, Brave provides a new opt-in system if users want to contribute their data and help improve Brave’s search engine. Brave claims its opt-in system called Web Discovery Project, collects search and browsing data in an anonymous way that means that the data can’t be linked to individual users, making sure that the data collected cannot be sold to advertisers or handed over to the authorities.

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At the moment, Brave Search is free to use and does not show any ads, however, the company has plans to roll out ads in its free version in the future, while providing an ad-free experience as a paid premium service.

This change is a great win for privacy advocates and will set Braves search engine as the browser’s default, acting as a valuable promotion tactic which in turn helps in boosting Brave Search’s prominence with Brave users.

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