BOE Shows Off World’s Fastest Gaming Monitor That Can Reportedly Hit Refresh Rates as High as 500Hz

BOE 500Hz Monitor

The current fastest gaming monitor the Asus ROG Swift offers 360Hz of refresh rate per second. However, the Chinese display manufacturer BOE thinks it can do better and has unveiled the world’s fastest gaming monitor that can reportedly hit refresh rates as high as 500Hz.

According, to an official video posted by the company, BOE is betting big on its oxide semiconductor display technology that assists in boosting refresh rates and resolutions while maintaining minimal power consumption.

Additionally, the aforementioned video also reveals that the said 500Hz gaming monitor features a Full HD, 27-inch display panel that is equipped with an 8-lane eDP connection, and supports response time up to 1ms along with true 8-bit color gamut.

As of now, this new display is just a prototype and BOE has not yet stated if and when it will be making its 500Hz gaming monitor commercially available. This means that could we be waiting for a long until an 500Hz gaming monitor hits the markets.

But just to put things into perspective, even if this gaming monitor is ever launched you shouldn’t expect this 500Hz gaming monitor to be light on the pocket as the only production 360Hz monitor that you can buy right now—the Asus ROG Swift, which offers a 24.5-inch 1920x1080p display panel already costs a whopping Rs 75,990.

Secondly, we’re nowhere near the stage where an average graphics card can handle such a high refresh rate, mainly because the supposed graphics card would need to send a frame to this monitor every 2ms in order to deliver content at 500Hz— down from an average of 2.78ms for a 360Hz panel, 4.17ms for a 240Hz one, or a comparatively measely 16.7ms for a traditional 60Hz screen.

Whatsoever, we are really interested to see how this new technology pans out in the future and this really shows us why Apple is rumoured to break its ties with Samsung in favour of BOE to produce displays for its future products

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What do you think about BOE’s latest innovation? And would you consider using such a 500Hz display at the cost of resolutions higher than 1920×1080? Let us know in the comment section below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and join us on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the tech industry.

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